History of the Jeep Wave
History of the Jeep Wave
Jeep Wave

If you're an avid Jeeper or, if you've been driving behind a Jeep and they pass another Jeep. You may have noticed that they both wave to each other. This is known as the Jeep Wave. The Jeeping community has its own culture. When you get a Jeep you automatically join a brotherhood if you will.

History of the Jeep

The History of the Jeep Wave is quite interesting. The Jeep was developed for World War II and was initially developed by AMC, However, changes and modifications were made by Ford and Willys. The Jeep was used as a reconnaissance vehicle in the war. They were seen all over Europe by soldiers.

When the war was over soldiers came home from the war and started purchasing the Jeeps. They started waving at each other knowing the other driver was more than likely a fellow soldier.

Variations of the Jeep Wave

There are variations of the wave, whether you use your full hand or just two fingers for the wave. One theory is the 2 finger wave signified you were a soldier from World War II. You can get Jeep Wave decals that you can put on your front window or your side view mirror.

Now you can definitely see fellow Jeepers waving at each other as they pass. If you dig further into the Jeep Culture and the History of the Jeep Wave, you'll see that Jeepers have a form of camaraderie they have Jeep clubs. The clubs allow Jeepers to get together and go off-roading, or just meet up and admire an individual Jeep as there are so many modifications available.

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