Apply Vinyl Decal

Applying your vinyl decal may be intimidating at first. However, it just takes a little patience and a steady hand.  First, you want to find a suitable surface to apply vinyl decals to.  

1. Get your Surface Ready

The first step will be to get your surface ready for your decal.  You will want to make sure the surface is clean and lint and dust-free.  You will also want to make sure the surface is dry if you've just cleaned it.  

2. Remove the Backing from Decal and Transfer Tape

All of our stickers or decals will have transfer tape on it.  This will allow you to transfer your decal to any surface while keeping the design intact.  Your decal will also have the material backing attached as well. Once you are ready to apply the decal you'll need to remove the backing from the decal. We recommend using a scraper or a credit card, and running it over the transfer tape to make sure the vinyl decal sticks to the transfer tape. When you are ready slowly peel the transfer tape and the vinyl decal off the backing. If some of the decal sticks to the backing and not the transfer tape, use your scraper or credit card on the transfer tape again. Once you have the backing off of your vinyl decal, If you touch the backside of the decal you'll notice there is an adhesive on it.

3. Apply your Decal

Next, line the decal upon the desired surface. For precise application, measure and mark where you would like it before you place the decal. If you don’t like the placement at first, you can usually remove the transfer tape without the decal sticking to the new surface. Once you are happy with the placement, apply the decal. Carefully line up the sticker at the top and slowly lower it until it lies flat on your surface. If you rush this step, you might end up with air bubbles and even a wrinkle in your vinyl. Press on the tape with your fingers to start the application process.

4. Use a Scraper or Credit Card

Put your vinyl decal on the surface you are attaching it.  Start from one corner and work your way down with your scraper or credit card.  work slowly and make sure you scrape the vinyl decal onto your surface.  If you get bubbles, slowly pull up on the transfer tape and vinyl to re-apply.  You can also use your scraper or credit card to gently force the air bubbles out. Once you have the vinyl decal on the surface, run your credit card or scraper over the surface to make sure the decal is flat, and the adhesive has a good bond.

5. Take Off the Transfer Tape

Start at one corner, and peel the transfer tape away from the surface.  Peel slowly making sure you don't pull your vinyl decal off the surface. If a part of the decal comes up with the transfer tape, you can re-apply it using the scraper or credit card. If you have a design with a ton of detail.  Be aware that some of the smaller pieces of vinyl may try to come up with transfer tape.  Take your time and be patient.  Once you have removed the transfer tape you can use your scraper or credit card to gently smooth out any air bubbles.

You Did It!

You are done. You never knew how easy it was to apply vinyl decals  Take a step back and enjoy your piece of art.  Don't forget to show off your new decal to your friends and family. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.