Promotional Wear

If you are in the market for Promotional Wear for your business then you're in the right place. We offer Promotional Wear, whether you're a small business to a medium size business.

We have the ability to decorate your garment whether it's 1 - 2 items or 100. If you're in the need of Promotional Wear, we can help you.

We offer multiple different garment decorating techniques. We started out as just Vinyl. Heat Transfer Vinyl to apply your logo to your garment. Heat Transfer Vinyl is great for a small number of pieces with 1 -2 colors.

We can do Dye Sublimation. Where we dye your logo into the garment. This is a great option. The dye doesn't fade, lasts longer, and allows us to use more colors in the image/logo. Depending on the garment, it can give the design a vintage feel.

Promotional Wear

The last option is Screen Printed. We use Screen Printed Transfers to apply your full-color image/logo onto your garment. This is good for a large number of garments. And you can have images with multiple colors.

Whatever your Promotional Wear needs are, whether you need it for day-to-day business needs, or if you need it for an upcoming event. We can get you a product so you can be happy. Let us know what you need and we can help you make a decision that will fit your needs best.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to Contact Us and we'd be happy to help you.

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